Fried Pineapple

When we ate at Yak & Yeti restaurant in disneyworld, we ordered Fried Wonton for dessert which is basically fried wonton filled with pineapple and cream cheese, topped with vanilla sauce. It was soo good!
I looked at the food really closely and my husband said “Are you thinking about how to make it at home?” LOL Gosh he knows me too well :”>

– Pineapple (cut into about 4 inches long)
– Wonton/Spring Roll wrapper
– Cream Cheese, softened
– Ground cinnamon
– Vanilla instant pudding mix
– Milk
– Vegetable oil to fry
– Rum extract (optional)
– 1 egg white, beaten.

To make the fried pineapple:
– Take a sheet of wonton or spring roll wrapper, spread with cream cheese and place pineapple on top of cream cheese. Roll and seal edges with egg white. Repeat the process until all pineapples are used.
– Deep fry until golden brown.

To make vanilla sauce:
– Prepare instant pudding based on package direction, add more milk until the texture becomes more like sauce
– Add rum, mix well.

To serve:
– Sprinkle fried pineapple with ground cinnamon.
– Top with vanilla sauce
– Serve immediately


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